Jelske is pregnant! Mid march we expect puppies!

We went to the Anicura Clinic in Duizel on 10-02 for a pregnancy ultrasound.
And Jelske is pregnant!
We are very happy about this. Jelske will soon be 4 years old and this will be her 1st litter.
We hadn’t actually realised that she is already almost 4 years old. We do so much with Jelske that a mating was not in the planning before.

We are looking for people for a daughter of hers who want to engage in some kind of co-ownership.
If you are interested in a puppy or co-ownership please email us:

We have just (16-01-2023) returned from France where we met Meris, Jelske’s intended partner.
What a fun, sweet and relatively easy kelpiereu Meris is.
He works with the sheep but also functions well as a house dog.
We are glad we could use him and hope to have some nice puppies in mid-March.

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